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Computational Intelligence, Computer Science and Systems Engineering,The department of engineering, Muroran Institute of Technology
Computational Intelligence Chair, Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Department of Engineering, Muroran Institute of Technology
&size(30){Welcome to the &color(crimson){Interactive Systems Research Laboratary}; (Saga Lab.).};
&size(30){Welcome to the &color(crimson){Interactive Systems Research Laboratory}; (Saga Lab).};
We are continuously and comprehensively conducting research on sketch based curve input technologies,
-aiming for practical sketch based drawing system,
-based on unique and consistant concept of making use of vagueness information while sketching,
-from basic algorithm, infrastructure development up to construction of user interfaces.

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:[[Lab Introduction]]|
Introduces history, people and etc
Introduces history, people and etc.

:[[Research Contents]]|
Introduces on going research with pictures, vedio and etc
Introduces on going research with pictures, video and etc.

Links inside Muroran IT
Links to inside of Muroran IT

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