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*Research Outline [#f96b75ab]

From the birth of Saga Lab, we have been researching sketch drawing interfaces continuously.

In our laboratory, we have given birth to [[FSCI>Research Contents/FSCI]] as a general purpose sketch recognition algorithm.
FSCI recognizes a sketch drawing as the intended basic geometrical shape by using fuzzy reasoning on the roughness of drawing manner of the user.

First, FSCI has been realized as a C language based library as FTK(FSCI Took Kit). 
Next, FTK++ is the library which realized by C++.
Presently the next generation of FTK++ is being developed as JFTK.
JFTK can drive everywhere because it is powered by Java.

Moreover, now we are developing [[SKIT>Research Contents/SKIT]], which is a front-end processor for 2 dimensional sketch drawing.
By implementing FSCI as a front-end processor, adding sketch drawing function to CAD or 3D modelling applications will become very easy. 

Also, FTK supports 3D sketching, and a FTK based 3D modelling software called [[BlueGrotto>Research Contents/BlueGrotto]] that works in VR environments is  being developed.
In BlueGrotto, solid shapes can be made just by drawing in the air.

*Main line of research [#ge0aff12]
Let us explain about the developments that are the key to the researches being conducted at Saga Lab. 
-[[Sketch identification engine FSCI>Research Contents/FSCI]]
-[[General purpose sketch curve input interface SKIT>Research Contents/SKIT]]
-[[3D curve sketch interface for virtual reality BlueGrotto>Research Contents/BlueGrotto]]([[DemoVideo1:http://sagaweb.csse.muroran-it.ac.jp/movie/innovation_japan2007_bg3.wmv]],[[DemoVideo2:http://sagaweb.csse.muroran-it.ac.jp/movie/innovation_japan2007_bg3fep.wmv]])

|[[&ref(Research Contents/s_fsci7curve_1.png,100%);:http://sagaweb.csse.muroran-it.ac.jp/b_images/HP_fsci7curve_1.png]]|[[&ref(Research Contents/s_shade_1.png,100%);:http://sagaweb.csse.muroran-it.ac.jp/b_images/shade_1.png]]|[[&ref(Research Contents/s_bg.png,100%);:http://sagaweb.csse.muroran-it.ac.jp/b_images/bg.png]]|

* Research Map [#bd69d9e9]

*Reference [#od81294a]

-[[Materials>Research Contents/Materials]]

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