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Research Outline

From the birth of Saga Lab, we have been researching sketch drawing interfaces continuously.

In our laboratory, we have given birth to FSCI as a general purpose sketch recognition algorithm. FSCI recognizes a sketch drawing as the intended basic geometrical shape by using fuzzy reasoning on the roughness of drawing manner of the user.

First, FSCI has been realized as a C language based library as FTK(FSCI Took Kit). Next, FTK++ is the library which realized by C++. Presently the next generation of FTK++ is being developed as JFTK. JFTK can drive everywhere because it is powered by Java.

Moreover, now we are developing SKIT, which is a front-end processor for 2 dimensional sketch drawing. By implementing FSCI as a front-end processor, adding sketch drawing function to CAD or 3D modelling applications will become very easy.

Also, FTK supports 3D sketching, and a FTK based 3D modelling software called BlueGrotto that works in VR environments is being developed. In BlueGrotto, solid shapes can be made just by drawing in the air.

Main line of research

Let us explain about the developments that are the key to the researches being conducted at Saga Lab.


Research Map



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