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SKIT is the abbreviation of "SKetch Input Tracer" (Those who would like to view the demonstration video first, please see here).

SKIT is realized as a front-end processor that makes use of FSCI engine so that it becomes possible to add sketch recognition ability to various existing CAD applications and 3D modellers with less effort as possible.

SKIT stays as a background service and as soon as a connection request comes from one of the applications via it's interface module, starts a sketch identification service and enables direct sketch input of geometrical shapes. And naturally when you turn off SKIT, it is possible to use all the enhanced features unique to that application.

Even though the development of an interface module -in accordance with a standard protocol- is required for each application so that it can support SKIT, this is possible by a simple program of few hundred lines.


Image of how SKIT works

  1. )
    • User turns the sketch input mode ON.
    • SKIT covers the drawing area of the application with a semi-transparent screen for FSCI.
  2. )
    • The user sketches a curve as the input.
    • SKIT identifies the sketched curve using FSCI as one of the primitive geometrical curves.
  3. )
    • The user turns OFF the sketch input mode.
    • SKIT transfers the primitive curve to the application.
  4. )
    • The user uses the functions unique for that application.
    • SKIT waits in the background
(1)Overlay of the screen
(2)Sketch identification by FSCI
(3)Transfer of results to the application
(4)Unique editing by the application is also possible

Example of collaborative use of SKIT and practical drawing applications

Collaboration with 3D CG application Shade

(1) Sketch input via SKIT(2) Menu operations in Shade(3) Completion of 3D CG drawing

Collaboration with vector graphics software Illustrator

(1) Sketch input via SKIT(2) Menu operations in Illustrator(3) Completion of the 2DCG

Collaboration with photo editing software Photoshop(via Mouse Move Event)

(1) Sketch input via SKIT(2) Menu operations in Photoshop(3) Completion of the postcard

Situation that SKIT collaborates with several applications in sequence

SKIT is a front-end processor, which is usually running in the background.

(1) on the Windows Paint(2) on the Shade(3) on the AutoCAD


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